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For ever young (ageLOC™) wholesale at

Is this the day you hear about Galvanic with ageLOC for the first time? Well, if it is, you should be very very happy! go celebrate… We would like to share it with the everyone… We would like to share it with the world… Help us and be generously reworded.  

ageLOC Product Video A Daily Skin Care System and Serum, both featuring ageLOC technology When used daily, this cutting-edge system and serum will deliver the maximum benefits of ageLOC to your skin, revealing a firm, luminous complexion. ageLOC target both the signs and soruces of aging. Transform your skin in 8 ways in 7 days Youthful skin structure; Smooth texture; Skin tone; Reduces fine lines & wrinkles; Increases radiance; Minimizes... 

Nu Skin’s ageLOC Vitality and LifeGen Technologies

The science behind Nu Skin’s latest anti-aging product, ageLOC Vitality. LifeGen Technology and Nu Skin scientists talk about the science that went into this new product.