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Thousands of Scientists are working and billions of dollars are being spent globally to fight the battle against aging. In the race to bottle youth, Nu Skin leads the way. Nu Skin demonstrates the difference by bridging the worlds of SKIN CARE and NUTRITION through: • Patented technology & products • Powerful research affiliations – Lifegen Technologies & Stanford University • Scientific innovation with over 75 in-house Scientists... 

ageLOC in the News

ageLOC Transformation and Galvanic Spa hit the news again with a report on WWL TV New Orleans. ageLOC is a revolutionary technology which is able to reset youth gene clusters back to the way they were when you were younger. To view the before and afters visit Jeff Ghaemaghamy Founder, Proven  

ageLoc Tech Opportunity: What Are You Looking For? Defy Aging Now @

WHAT IS AGELOC? ageLOC Science ageLOC is the secret of youth that targets the ultimate sources of aging—our genes. By resetting youth gene clusters, ageLOC reverses the signs of aging and preserves youth. The ageLOC Opportunity: By 2030 the number of people worldwide over the age of 60 is expected to reach more than one billion. By 2015, the anti-aging industry is expected to grow 76 percent in the United States, 73 percent in Japan, and 82 percent... 

New “ageLOC on the Inside” Product To Be Released in October This is the biggest discovery in anti-aging. It is the closest thing to the fountain of youth. Visit my site today to learn more.  

Epigenetics 4 – Robert Nagato-Needleman – ageLOC Vitality NU SKIN – part 4 of 4

Scientist Robert Nagato-Needleman explains why the Nu Skin ageLOC platform is being promoted as the Fountain of Youth.  

The Science of ageLOC (Joe Chang)

What is ageLOC technology? Dr. Joseph Chang, Chief Scientific office of Nu Skin explains how ageLOC science target the ultimate sources of aging. The concept of youth gene clusters (YGC), the identification of YGC and resetting them. For more information of ageLOC science, products and business opportunity, visit